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Devon Thatcher, Tristan Aris, having completed a five year apprenticeship has worked across Devon for ten years, gaining the experience which is so necessary when dealing with all the quirks of a thatched roof. It is important when considering thatched properties for homes to have an understanding of the maintenance and the costs involved. Thatched roofs in Devon were traditionally made from wheat reed and it is Tristan's work in reed that is often called on maintaining and repairing thatched houses today across Devon.

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When buying a thatched home it is important to realise the costs involved for maintaining a thatched roof. Many thatched houses have been maintained in a suitable manner and it could be that with only minimal work on the ridge every 7 to 10 years the roof would last for up to 60 years. However this is dependant on many factors which a thatcher is all too familiar with.

A thatched roof inspection includes:-

Inspection of Rafters. Coursework checking for course marking, full ridge inspection, ledger work inspection and a full survey of the roof surface checking for wear, bowing, seepage and loose laying. Where repairs have been made an inspection will be made to ensure its affectivity.

In the event that you wish to have your potential new home or your own thatched house surveyed call Tristan on 01297 21649. A simple survey will tell you what work needs doing in the near future and what works would be needed in the future. With this knowledge it is a simple matter to plan and possibly negotiate on any purchase price.

To answer some of the more common questions:-


It is the ridge of a thatched roof which bears the brunt of the weather and in Devon it requires attention on average every 7 to 10 Years. In some cases it may be up to 15 but this is dependant on weather, the wind, rain etc and the position of the house.

Decorative Ridges

Different considerations apply in the re-thatching of an old building and one of recent date and it is probably fair to say that a house built prior to the 19th Century requires good plain workmanship without too much embellishment.

Butt Up Ridges

The Traditional Devon thatch ridge is in the style of the 'butt-up' which is so common in south-west where longer straws are not easily available.

Thatched Roof Waterproofing

One of the common misconceptions with thatch is the idea that it absorbs large amounts of water. Thatch is of course quite waterproof, the water is transferred down the roof from stem to stem until it drops from the cave. It is the steep pitches associated with thatched roofs that allow for the water to be shed at a very fast rate.



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